Catiline conspiracy
Updated: 10/4/2018
Catiline conspiracy
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  • Catiline stands for election as consul for 62 BC having already failed to achieve consulship in a previous election, he proposes to cancel debts and is part of the populares. 
  • Vote for me!
  • Catiline is defeated at the election and is angered. Cicero attends in armour to show how dangerous Catiline is. Catiline then plans an uprising with Manlius.
  • You are a threat
  • Cicero is warned of the uprising by Crassus. He then speaks to senate and they pass a law to raise defences and gather troops., However nothing happens on the supposed day of the uprising.
  • We are in danger
  • Conspirators planned to murder Cicero but he is warned and bars his house. Cicero then makes two speeches attacking Catiline, the first is directly to his face, which causes him to leave Rome. The second speech explained his plot.
  • We can't get in
  • Catiline arrived in Manlius' camp, both were declared public enemies, Antonius was going to march on them. Conspirators in Rome tried to get Allobroges to help but the Allobroges reported this to Cicero and five ringleaders were arrested. 
  • There they are
  • The Senate debates the fate of the conspirators, they vote for a death penalty and Cicero has them executed. As a result Catiline's support evaporates, he tries to escape but is cut off and defeated in battle by Petreius. He dies while fighting.
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