Assessing Health and Fitness

Updated: 5/12/2020
Assessing Health and Fitness

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All information has been cited from Mrs.Green's module 3 lessons

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  • Subjective assessments are your goals,eating habits,health conditions, and how physically active you are. Objective assessments is your physical health information like your weight,resting heart rate,blood pressure,body max index,and circumference measurements.
  • Before starting any physical fitness plan, you must understand your current health and fitness level. You have to assess your healthy through subjective and objective assessments.
  • When you are assessing your fitness you are assessing your aerobic fitness, muscular strength, and endurance, and your flexibility. You can test your fitness level by how long it takes you to run a mile,sit up test, push up test and sit and reach.
  • When you're creating your fitness plan there's three different types of training that you should connect to your physical fitness plan: cardiovascular,resistance,and flexibility training.However, before each activity you should do a warm up. A warm up is supposed to stretch and prep your muscles for the workout.
  • Cardiovascular fitness is your body's ability to get oxygen and blood to the muscles.You use your cardiovascular system during this fitness.Your cardio fitness is based on your target heart rate which reflects your maximum heart rate.
  • Cardio fitness is broken down into three different intensities and exercises. Low intensity where you use 40-60%of your maximum heart rate. Medium intensity is 70%of maximum heart rate and high intensity is 80-85%.Then there's aerobic,anaerobic, and circuit training. Aerobic is a variation of exercises in intervals. Anaerobic is intervals of intensity. Circuit is variation of exercises that workout the entire body.
  • Resistance training is to improve a specific muscle or group of muscles by external resistance. Examples of this would be lifting dumbbells or using a weight machine. However doesn't have to be just gym equipment, it can be cans, water bottles, and other household items that carries weight.
  • Flexibility is the ability to move a joint completely through its range of motion. Flexibility is important because if you dot have some flexibility you are at an increase rick of injury. Flexibility requires a great deal of stretching. The most common stretches is Self-Myofascial release and static stretching.SMR is use to release tight muscles and static is use to release tension on muscles. Another kind of stretching is used mainly before athletic activity and focuses on a particular muscle group.
  • The best way to improve your physical fitness is to use the FITT principle, along with overload, progression and specificity.FITT stands for frequency,intensity,time and type. Overload principle is putting a great deals stress on your body.Progression is the process of gradually increasing or changing your workout,Specificity is training a specific muscle.