Green House Effect
Updated: 10/27/2020
Green House Effect

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  • Albedo is a measure of the amount of reflected solar radiation (sunlight) that is reflected by a surface
  • Clouds have a high albedo and are in the atmosphere
  • Snow has a high albedo and is on the earths surface
  • Ozone from the ozone layer absorbs much of the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun
  • The ocean has a low albeto on the earths surface.
  • Solar radiation that reaches Earth’s surface is mostly made up of visible light and ultra violet
  • Visible light and ultra violet from the Sun have a higher frequency and shorter wavelength than the Earth's infrared waves
  • Radiation that gets emitted by Earth’s surface is infrared
  • Greenhouse gasses such as methane and CO2 absorb infrared radiation which causes the earth's temperature to rise
  • Use of nitrogen fertilizers raises the concentration of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere
  • Fertilizer
  • Major amounts of livestock cause increased methane concentrations in the atmosphere
  • Use of automobiles cause an increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere
  • Every 100 thousand years the CO2 in the atmosphere peaks. With the acceptation of today's amount, the ppm never exceeded 300. Since there are so many people and CO2 sources, the ppm today is much higher. A result of this amount of carbon in the atmosphere is more absorbed infrared, which raises the earth's temperature.
  • The thicker layer of green house gas absorbs more infrared
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