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The Game. By Alana Choi Smith
Updated: 5/4/2020
The Game. By Alana Choi Smith
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  • Ugh I am so bored. Maybe I can go to the football game with Liam today.
  • x
  • Well since we are looking at it from a 49 degree angle and we are 10 ft away from it all we have to do is tan(64)=(x/10). so basically its 20.5 ft tall.
  • 10 ft
  • 64
  • I wonder how tall that lamp post is.
  • 52
  • 25 ft
  • x
  • Hmm how long is the base of those bleachers?
  • So like I think you have to do is cos(52)*25 in order to find its length.
  • bro why do you keep turning it into math problems? that means its 15.4 ft long
  • Jessie woke up with a case of extreme boredom so she decided to hang out with her best friend Liam. She often uses math so answer everyday life questions.
  • *Parking lot of their high school*
  • well since the crossbar is like 10 ft high and we are 20 ft away from it then all we have to do is tan-1(10/20).
  • Okay wait, I have a question. what angle do you thing we are looking at the football goal post at?
  • So a 26.6 degree angle
  • *At the game*
  • The end.
  • Jessie and Liam watched the football game and patiently waited for it to end. They wanted to lay down on the field as they do after every game.
  • After the game, Jessie and Liam lied down on the football field and enjoyed their view.
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