Updated: 6/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Aaand, I bought a new camera for you. I'm sorry for yesterday. I just want you to be happy!
  • Oh, Mom! Thank you so much!
  • Oh, darling I did! But now that you are going to be a professional photographer you can pay for the car damage by photoshooting the clinic services! Maybe you could enjoy learning more about the medical carreer!
  • Eeer, mom..I think you didn't notice that I scratched the car yesterday, did you?
  • Oh! I'm just kidding, my dear! You will be the best photographer ever seen.
  • Oh, mom!!!You won´t give up!
  • Hello? Is there anybody here? Mom?
  • You'are welcome! We can talk later. Bye!
  • Thanks for calling me!
  • Oh, Luiza! My mom is calling. I must answer her.