Updated: 10/13/2021

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  • yes! this story begins in the early 1800s...
  • Grandma can you tell me a story?
  • A man named Moses Austin was a Business man and he had a son name Stephan F Austin. Moses Austin wanted his son to follow in his foot steps
  • One day son this will be yours. You will become a man like me
  • Over the years Moses Austin got sick a died. He wanted his son Stephan F Austin to carry on what his father was doing. He wanted his son to be successful and do something for America
  • and he died in December 27 1836. He kept his promise to his dad to continue what he was doing
  • After his father died he had won recognition of the impresario and became very successful
  • Your father would be proud of you
  • He was the founding father of Texas. He brought 300 families which are known as the Old Three Hundred. The capital was named after him. It was now called Austin. The Old Three Hundred were a Buch of unmarried men
  • Stephen F Austin is our founder of Texas
  • My father would be proud
  • the end