CM morality comic
Updated: 3/23/2020
CM morality comic

Storyboard Text

  • Just steal the chips and soda. I do it all the time.
  • I don't want to do it, but if I don't Mollie won't let me be friends with her.
  • Mollie is peer pressuring Oakley !
  • If you don't do it you can walk home and find a new group of friends.
  • I don't know about stealing. I should just pay
  • I should just mind my own business.
  • Look Oakley, real friends encourage you to do good things. They are loyal and trustworthy. I also can lend you some money for the food.
  • Give me your money! If you don't steal the chips and soda and are in my car in the next five minutes, I'm going to leave without you
  • I need help! I don't know what to do?
  • I should help her because I would want help in this situation
  • Hi Mary. Yes I'm just nervous because my friend Mollie and I got into a fight.
  • Are you alright?
  • Mary is right. Mollie is not a real friend if she pushes me to do bad things
  • Thank you
  • I'm not going to steal!
  • Fine! Take your money and you better enjoy your walk home!
  • I learned about the value of friendship
  • I'll walk home with you.
  • I learned the value of integrity