Unknown Story
Updated: 1/14/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • SENDER: StudentRECEIVER: Teacher and studnets.
  • Mr. Stonks, Can you tell me if i'm missing any assignments
  • If you can come here i'll tell you.
  • Okay.
  • SENDER: TeacherRECEIVER: Student
  • Young man i am missing 2 assignments from you. plant cell and animal cell.
  • OH NO!!! Mom is gonna kill me!!!!
  • CHANNEL: Air, face to face.ENCODING: Student asks teacher a question.MESSAGE: Missing assignments.RECEIVER: Teacher receives the message.
  • UMM Don't ask me i Don't Know!
  • What am i going to do?!?!?
  • LOL!! Why is he running????
  • FEEDBACK: Teacher answers student question.DECODING: Student decodes teacher answer and goes with teacher as asked.BARRIER: Students talking in the back.
  • WOO HOO i found them!! They were in my bag!!!
  • What's he saying ?
  • ENCODING: Teacher tells student what he is missing;MESSAGE: Number of missing assignments.RECEIVER: Student.DECODING: Student decodes the message and reacts in frustration and fear.
  • Here you go i forgot i put them in my bag!!!
  • OH WOW! Very nice!! i will grade them ASAP!
  • SENDER: Male Student.RECEIVER: Female Student
  • ENCODING: student thinks about what hes gonna do.ENCODING: Student asks a question to other student.MESSAGE: Why is he running?DECODING: Student replies by saying i don't know in anger and confusion.
  • ENCODING: student yells in excitement.MESSAGE: I found my work it was in the bag.DECODING: teacher is trying to understand what the student said.BARRIER: Students are talking.
  • ENCODING: Student gives missing work to the teacher.MESSAGE: Here's my work.DECODING: Teacher replies surprised.MESSAGE: very good job. i will grade it soon.
  • SENDER: Student.RECEIVER: Tecaher