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Updated: 2/3/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The static friction is keeping the pencil from rolling off the chair meaning it stays in place. Rolling friction means the object doesn't have friction to keep it from moving.>>>
  • The bond between these two magnets have a very strong connection. Magnetism is a force that can attract or repel items that have an iron magnetic material inside of them.
  • The picture to the left demonstrates magnetism very well. The blue magnet is showing the attraction, the red magnet is also showing attraction
  • For example, when bouncing on a trampoline the spring gets pushed in and pulled out. If it doesn't go back to it's normal shape it would be broken. When to much pressure is applied to the trampoline the springs snap and break. So going back to it's original form helps to keep you going up.
  • When a spring is pushed in or pulled out, it will always go back to the original form. This spring is an example of elasticity which is when an object can return to it's normal shape when pulled or pushed out.
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