Updated: 3/8/2021

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  • What you need: An electrical device, preferably a laptop/computerExtra: A notebook
  • Research Tips:- Plan well, what resources do you need?- Close irrelevant tabs that may distract you- Do not use the "normal" google search, narrow your search (further explained next)- Evaluate your sources - Make note of every source you will be using, and during the essay-writing process, make a note of where you have used a certain source or reference it immediately
  • Where to research
  • If using google, favour .gov, .org, domainsWhen using wikipedia, look at the references/links at the bottom and use thoseGoogle scholarJSTOR and EBSCOGoogle books/journalsInterviews and primary sourcesStatista & ourworldindata for statistics
  • Evaluating Sources
  • Currency - how recently was it published or updated?Relevance - how important is the information in relation to your essay and research questionAuthority - is the author reliableAccuracy - is the information correct? do other sources support it?Purpose - why does the information exist? inform, teach, sell, entertain, persuade etc.
  • Search up which referencing style is best for the type of essay/report you are writingUse websites that help you with referencing eg.
  • Referencing Tips