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History 2 (the real one)
Updated: 10/3/2020
History 2 (the real one)
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  • Proclamation of 1763
  • Ok guys.. we just won the French territory so I've decided that west of the Appalachian Mountains is for the Indians. Deal with it
  • Sugar Act: 1764
  • Ok dear scribe. I need you to write the colonists a letter describing basically this...
  • Sugar Act
  • "Since the Sugar and Molasses Act of 1733 is about about to expire, I'm going to modify it. Instead of giving you a greater tax, I'm reducing it from 6 pence a gallon to 3 pence."
  • Stamp Act: 1765
  • Hear ye, hear ye. King George III is still upset that we haven't yet paid our war debts. So to all printer people and the general people who use paper, you can no longer publish anything without an official government stamp
  • Aw, come on!!! More money???
  • Boston Massacre: 1770
  • Boston Tea Party: 1774
  • Intolerable Acts: 1774
  • Hmmm.. Let's see...
  • Let's close Boston Harbor until you can compensate for my tea that you threw
  • I'm just going to ban all town meetings while I'm at it
  • Oh yeah.. and you gotta keep my men in your houses and you can't force them out
  • EXCUSE ME!?!?
  • And maybe I'll just give your land to Quebec. Sound good?
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