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Updated: 9/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Gotta runGotta run
  • Maybe if you run fast enough you could catch a dragon. That's the only way you'll make a dragon rider.
  • They're always calling me babe or small or too young but I work twice as hard as anyone else.
  • Bertterli set a spanking pace for Keevan.
  • You wait and see, Betterli, you just wait.NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IMPRESSES A DRAGON!
  • They've got to be able to FIND you babe!
  • Bertterli makes fun of Kevvan while he is struggling.
  • dddd
  • Kevvan is thinking about all the times they made fun of him.
  • Kevvan replies to Betterli, and Betterli angrily answers.
  • Even though Kevvan was the smallest dragon boy he wanted to Impress on his first Impression.
  • No one knows what Impresses a dragon.