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Updated: 9/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I feel like this isn't fair I feel like I formed in in a worse way than you guys
  • I mean I was living a good life as a dinosaur when I died and loads of sand fell on me. I'm left there to be bored for thousands of years with loads of things falling on top of me smooshing me even more. My suffering finally ended butt just because someone dug me up and found you guys too
  • You really think that sedimentary? Well think of this your living life as dirt near a volcano when loads of other dirt and all falls on you and you end up really low in the ground and it starts getting really hot. You and all the stuff around you end up getting melted together and you become this one ugly rock that everyone looks and you and says "Oh look at those bands its metamorphic!"
  • Stop with your pity party metamorphic. At least you weren't kicked out of your home and left in the ocean to cool down. I mean you where living your best life as magma but the volcano got tired of you being there so it kicks you out and you fall in the ocean. It gets so cold so quick and you realize all of your body is hardening and turning black. What happened to your pretty orange color. Its gone and your freezing cold in the water because it was such a big shock from the hot temperature in the volcano
  • Well now that I think of it we all got formed in pretty bad ways. Lets agree to stop arguing- wait do you hear that
  • There's the rocks I've been looking for!