Updated: 10/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The Woodcutter Rami
  • Crying Of The Woodcutter And Pigeon help
  • Do not cry, i promise to help you, and find your axe
  • No, i did not find my axe
  • The Golden Axe
  • No, this is not my axe
  • Is this your axe?
  • Quack Quack Quack Quack
  • Rami is a simple Woodcutter, poor and honest. One day, while cutting down a tree, his axe fell into the river.
  • The Silver Axe
  • No, my axe is of steel
  • Rami searched a lot for his axe, but to no avail. So he sat crying by the river because he loves his axe so much. While the Woodcutter was crying, a Pigeon appeared, decided to help him and promised to find him his axe.
  • Finding The Axe
  • He thought, and said:" yes"
  • She dove into the water, and after a while it came out with a golden axe. Then she asked Rami :"is this your axe?" . Rami replied :"No, this is not my axe", and he refused to accept the golden axe. 
  • Pigeon Gift
  • Thank you!!
  • She doves for the second time, and she went out with a silver axe. She asked the Woodcutter :"Is this it?". The Woodcutter said :"No, ma axe is made of steel" ,and Rami refused to accept the silver axe.
  • Is this the axe?
  • The Pigeon went for the last time, and came back with an axe. She asked Rami :"This is it?" . The Woodcutter thought a little and replied :"Yes, that is".
  • Is that?
  • Rami thanked the Pigeon a lot, and the smile appeared on his face. The Pigeon admired the Woodcutter is simplicity and honesty. She decided to give Rami the golden axe, and the silver also because he is said the truth. In the end, the simple Woodcutter returned home happily.