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droplet comic
Updated: 4/17/2020
droplet comic
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  • evaporation The little drop of ocean was feeling warm today. He was starting to feel a little light headed and was slowly changing into water vapor. He was lifted into the air with other little drops too. He was getting evaporated.
  • condensation The drop of ocean was feeling much cooler when he was in the cloud. He felt himself starting to cluster together and become more of a liquid.
  • precipitation The drop was taking a fun ride down as rain, as it was a warm day. It was enjoying his time in the water cycle.
  • runoff Now the drop was in a river! Hopefully it'll get back to the ocean soon!
  • infiltration The drop is going to go into the dirt and into the plants around it.
  • transpiration Now the drop is transpiring through the plant, and the whole cycle starts up again!
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