Updated: 8/2/2020

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  • The First Crusade was the most the most successful of them all The First Crusade was the first of a number of religious wars that happened, supported and sometimes directed by the Latin Church in the medieval period.
  • crusade 4
  • The Second Crusade was the second major crusade that started from Europe. The Second Crusade was started in because of the fall of the County of Edessa in 1144 to the forces of Zengi
  • crusade 5
  • The Third Crusade was an attempt by the leaders of the three most powerful states of Christianity to reconquer the Holy Land following the capture of Jerusalem by the Ayyubid sultan Saladin in 1187. It was successful, recapturing the important cities.
  • crusade 6
  • The Fourth Crusade was a Latin Christian armed expedition called by Pope Innocent III. The stated intent of the expedition was to recapture the Muslim-controlled city of Jerusalem, by first conquering the powerful Egyptian Ayyubid Sultanate.
  • The Fifth Crusade was an attempt by Western Europeans to get back Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land by first conquering Cairo, the capital of the powerful Ayyubid state in Egypt. Pope Innocent III made armies led by King Andrew II and Leopold VI,
  • The Sixth Crusade, commonly known as the Crusade of Frederick II, was a military expedition to recapture the city of Jerusalem. It began seven years after the failure of the Fifth Crusade and involved very little actual fighting.