Of Mice and Men cartoon project
Updated: 11/25/2019
Of Mice and Men cartoon project

Storyboard Text

  • Ah Come on George why can't i hav' the mouse? I wasn't doin' nothing wrong with it; just strokin' it.
  • Damn it Lennie! We've talked 'bout this, you don't get no mice since you got us kicked off the ranch! The only damn reason we're here is cause of you!
  • Now go get some sticks we gotta get ready to lite a fire
  • I Got the sticks George! I got em!
  • Oh, Alright, We're going to save up a lot of money we're going to get a nice little farm and not work for no one no more, we'll only have to go tot he shop to sell our goods, cause we're going to be livin off the Fatta da land!
  • Hey George can, can you tell me about the plan again george, It's better when you say it george.
  • Alright Lennie head on to bed now it's gettin late.
  • Alright george goodnight
  • WE finally made it to the damn ranch!