Unknown Story

Updated: 11/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • once upon a Man named shahi sold his well to the farmer
  • next day the farmer went to draw water from the well, Shahi did not allow to draw water from it, saying that he sold the well not water in it ,the farmer was shocked and angry ,so he then told shahi he will complain about this cheating to emperor Akbar
  • The farmer was sad and he went to akbar and complained about the cheating to get justice , akbar then called shahi in the court to solve the matter. When akbar asked was this true Shahi claimed it was and said he sold the well not the water, akbar was confused and then called birbal to solve the case
  • Birbal then ask why isn't Shahi allowing the farmer to take water from the well as he now has sold it to the farmer,Shahi again says that he sold the well not the warer,Birbal then smiles and says you have sold the well and claim that water is yours so you also dont have any rights to to keep the water in the farmers well.
  • Birbal then told shahi to either pay rent to the farmer for keeping the water in the well or remove it from the well immediately. Shahi then knew that he is wrong and begged for pardon from emperor.
  • The emperor then gave 50 lashes to Shahi as punishment and 50 lashes as reward to birbal