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taxation controversy
Updated: 10/14/2020
taxation controversy
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  • The Quartering act allowed the british soldiers to enter colonist's houses. The colonists did not like this and wanted them out.
  • I am allowed to go in your house now.
  • Oh no!!!!!!
  • Writs of assistance allowed authorized customs to search for smugglers. Merchants became master smugglers because of this.
  • No I would never do that.
  • Are you a smuggler?
  • The sugar act was placed on all foreign sugar and molasses. They placed tax on all imported sugar to try to prevent smugglers.
  • I dont know.
  • where is the sugar?
  • not sugar:)
  • The stamp act placed tax on all paper documents being in the colonies. This was because of the debt of the seven years war
  • They make us pay too much money!
  • The declaratory act was to repeal the stamp act and to lessen the sugar act. They had to do these things because they were being boycotted.
  • They lowered tax!
  • The townshend acts took away some freedom from colonists. They also added tax to many things.
  • They added so much tax, i cant pay for that much.
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