Updated: 12/10/2020

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  • Psyche was a perfect, beautiful girl who was abandoned by her father because he was told by the Oracle of Apollo told him to leave her on a crag and become married to a cruel, savage, serpent like evil. From here, she was taken in the wind and brought to a palace. A voice told her to go in and meet her husband in the bedroom
  • As she went into the bedroom, it was fully dark and the man who was in there was very kind and loving. She asked who you are and he responded with that is the one question you cannot ask. They loved each other and she became pregnant. Few nights later when she was pondering who he was, she shined a light on him and realized that he was really Cupid.She felt betrayal because Cupid was known for making fake love. He became embarrassed and flew away.
  • The voice told her that it was possible to love and she was determined and attempted to find him and chased after him. Venus stopped her and sent her on impossible tasks to be able to finally reach Cupid. She first had to sort a huge messy, pile of seeds in only one night. Ants came along the way and sorted them for her and helped. She next had to get the fleas from a golden sheep. She went on her way and a River God showed her how to collect it. She did so and brought it back to Venus. 
  • After the voice told her what to bring for success,then she finally made it to the underworld and met Proserpina. She was required to get a bit of beauty from her and bring it back to Venus. She asked Proserpina to put it in the box for her and she did. She was on her way back to see Venus.
  • She opened the box outside of Venus's Palace and wanted some of the beauty for herself. Instead of beauty, it was sleep. She collapsed, and Cupid came flying back. He realized that they should love each other. He gave her a potion to make her immortal and they had their daughter and loved forever.
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