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Dunleavy Neolithic Cartoon
Updated: 10/22/2020
Dunleavy Neolithic Cartoon
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  • Paleolithic vs Neolithic
  • I'm Nick. This is my wife Nel. We live in the Neolithic Age
  • Agriculture
  • We grow crops now!
  • Permanent Shelter
  • This is our house!
  • The Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages were very different. In the Paleolithic Age, man hunted and gathered for food and lived in caves, but in Neolithic times man farmed and lived in houses.
  • Communities
  • We live in communities now. This is the campfire we gather around sometimes.
  • In Neolithic times people used agriculture. Agriculture means growing crops and domesticating animals. This was significant because it changed human history. People didn't have to spend all their time searching for food.
  • Jobs
  • This is where we grow food.
  • In the Neolithic Age people started to make permanent shelter because they had farms so they didn't have to move around. This is important because these shelters protected them from the weather and animals. Also this allowed them to form communities.
  • Trade
  • We are going to get obsidian!
  • In Paleolithic Times since people had to move around so often. they couldn't live with a lot of other people. But, in Neolithic Times when they had a stable food supply from farming, people could start to live in communities.
  • The Paleolithic Age ended with the invention of agriculture. Meaning that in Neolithic Times people had farms which meant a stable food supply. This allowed people permanent shelters and more jobs.
  • In Neolithic Times people had to go hundreds of miles away to get the resources they don't have. This is important because humans could make more stuff with more resources and share items.
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