Updated: 10/1/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I zeus, will punish prometheus's brother epimetheus by giving him a beautiful woman named pandora and she will have a box full of hoorrible things and when she opens it they will run free throughout the world
  • I will give her beauty so epimetheus loves her
  • I Hera shall give her curiosity so that she will open the then i will send her to Epimetheus
  • I will give her wisdom
  • Wow she's hot !!!
  • Zeus is angry with prometheus because he gave humans fire when zeus specifically told him not so he gave epimetheus,prometheus's brother pandora
  • What have I done
  • The goddesses give pandora human properties
  • It's okay don't worry I should have burned the box the box when I first saw it.No one would expect more of you. you're only a woman
  • It's hope
  • . Pandora goes to epimetheus's house and he falls in love with her .He tells her not to open the box because his brother warned him of the gods
  • Look in the box again for there may be something left better than what you released.
  • inOne day when pandora decides to peek in the box she realeases many horrible things
  • Epimetheus comes running and finds his wife crying and he tries to comfort her and because some of the evil had begun to have an effect on people he said "no one would expect more of you for you are only a woman "
  • Why did I open it!!!
  • A few hours later when Pandora stops crying Epimetheus tells pandora to open the box again to see if she left anything good inside and when she opens it again the two find hope