The Great Depression
Updated: 11/4/2020
The Great Depression

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  • Honey, I am going to invest some money in stocks. It's a really strong bull market, so I will make us money!
  • Try not to borrow too much money!
  • I want a loan for $4,000 so I can buy $5,000 worth of stocks on margin.
  • No worries! I'm going to make so much money, sir.
  • You will have to pay back the loan with interest!
  • Haven't you heard? The stock market collapsed today!
  • I need to go get our money before the bank closes!
  • Before the stock market crash, many people were investing large sums of money in the rising market.
  • I need to close my savings account right now.
  • I can't let you do that. I'm making a margin call and you need to pay back your loan first.
  • To buy large amounts of stocks, many people took out loans from the bank and created installment plans to pay back the loans with interest.
  • I'm sorry to have to do this, but with the bear market, there is no demand. I have to let you go.
  • The day of the stock market crash, everyone rushed to the bank hoping to get as much of their savings as they could.
  • Were you able to find any food today begging? I'm so hungry.
  • I couldn't. Everyone is suffering. We have to get help from the government.
  • The banks had little money left and made a margin call, demanding their money back.
  • Along with stock market crash, the economy crashed. Consumers had little money and ultimately there was no demand and many factories let their workers go.
  • Many families starved and their only source of income and food during these few years were begging on the streets.
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