The greatest shoman but realistic

Updated: 9/13/2021
The greatest shoman but realistic

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition, a million dreams
  • Inciting Incident, Come Alive
  • Rising Action, Rewrite The Stars
  • Banrum and Charity are dancing on the roof because they where finally together
  • Climax, Tight rope
  • Barnum finds out the wax figures aren't doing well and finds out he needs real people
  • Falling Action, From now on
  • Phillup is trying to convince Anne to ignore his parents and get together with him
  • Resolution, The Greatest Show
  • Charity thinks he is getting to caught up in his business And thinks that he isn't realizing that he did all this for them
  • He apologizes for going on tour and loaning the house and it getting evicted
  • From now on
  • they find out they are the circus not the venu. They get a tent down by the dock and he gives the circus to phillup