A series of unfortunate events
Updated: 5/30/2020
A series of unfortunate events
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  • I hope Aunt Josephine is a better guardian than our others.
  • The Wide Window
  • Lake Lachrymose is big, I can see why Aunt Josephine is afraid of it. 
  • *sleeps*
  • Exposition
  • Hello I'm Violet and these are my siblings Klaus and Sunny. 
  • Delmo!
  • ?
  • I think its safe
  • Hello I'm your Aunt Josephine!
  • Please do not touch the telephone in case of electrocution.
  • Hello I am Captain Sham. I was just apolgizing for running into your sister here.
  • The Rising Action
  • No your Count Olaf!
  • Why thank you sir, but I am Violet's legal guardian not her sister!
  • By : Lemony Snicket
  • The Climax
  • She's left a note here but their are a ton of grammar mistakes. 
  • Aunt Josephine has thrown herself out of the window! What do we do?
  • Yeah! We traveled on a boat through hurricane Herman to get here!
  • Violet, Klaus, and Sunny have just arrived at their Aunt Josephine's house, and she is a bit, well...protective, VERY protective.
  • The Falling Action
  • Aunt Josephine we found you!
  • You clever kids, I knew you would figure out my note and find me here!
  • Now let's get out of here!
  • While at the store the Baudelaire orphans encounter Count Olaf, but Aunt Josephine doesn't suspect a thing....
  • Resolution
  • Aunt Josephine, NOOO!
  • Goodbye, Josephine.
  • Wait! The grammar mistakes in this note spell out CURDLED CAVE, that must be where Aunt Josephine is!
  • Aunt Josephine has thrown herself out the window and left a note. Grammar was her life but their were a lot of mistakes in her note, and they spell out Curdeled Cave.
  • Brilliant Klaus but, how will we get their?
  • The Baudelaire children found their Aunt Josephine, by traveling on boat, through hurricane Herman to find her. They are going to try to take her back home now. 
  • Their boat breaks down and they get rescued by somebody, but it's the last person they want, Count Olaf. But as evil as he is, he throws Aunt Josephine off to the leeches.
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