Hitler time line
Updated: 1/28/2020
Hitler time line
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  • Hitler was Born in 1889
  • the treaty was signed in 1919
  • Hitler moved to Munich Germany in 1913
  • Hitler attemped to overthrow the wimer repudlic and take control of Gremanyin 1923
  • The Nazi party won the majority of the vote %37 in Germanys Parliment in 1932
  • The us stock market crashed in 1929
  • Adolf hitler was appoinited chancllor of Germany in 1933
  • Germany invded poland in 1939
  • Hitler annexed Austria and took over part of czechoslovakia in 1938
  • Every Jewish person was requried to where the yellow star of David in 1941
  • Hitler comitted suicide in his underground bunker because he was responsidle for killing millions of people in 1945
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