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Significant Figures Cartoon
Updated: 9/20/2019
Significant Figures Cartoon
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  • Hey guys, I over heard that you two are having trouble with what we learned today in Chem. I could show you guys what we learned after school at the study center if that's ok?
  • And those are the rules required for rounding Significant Figures! Hope you guys are ready for tomorrows quiz!
  • NOTE'S
  • Shoot I completly forgot all about the rules! Maybe I should stop being on my phone..
  • I totally knoked out in chem and now your telling me we have a quiz tomorrow and you dont even know what was happening?!
  • There are only 4 rules to Rounding SigFigs which are no1. All non zero # are significant no2. the zeros between nonzero numbers are significant no3. zeros after non zero numbers are not significant and no4. the following zeros are only significant if the whole number contains a zero
  • Maybe I should ask them if they would like to go over things after school at lunch..
  • I know, I know and im sorry I honestly had no idea what he was talking about AND I forgot to take notes!
  • What if she doesn't want to talk to me.. what if i just make a fool out of myself..
  • Im not in the mood for food I think im just stressing over the Chem quiz to much..
  • Todays special: FOOD
  • Arn't you going to get something to eat?
  • you can sure count on us to be there, thanks Abi!
  • You are such a life saver thank you so much Abigail!
  • Today's Special: STILL FOOD
  • OHH okayy I see if the number is 3.657 and i was rounding the number to 3 sigfigs, my final answer will be 3.66!
  • I totally get it now! This quiz is going to be a piece of cake for sureee
  • You too Keith
  • All right take out a sheet of paper and get ready for the Quiz!
  • Hey Kaite, good luck on the quiz.
  • Okay Mr. Jernigan!
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