COVID 19 Storyboard
Updated: 1/20/2021
COVID 19 Storyboard

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  • I've felt sick lately someone said I might have COVID-19. What's that?
  • COVID-19 is a disease that is caused by SARS-CoV-2, and is spread through the air and goes in through the nose or mouth.
  • The virus replicates itself using its "coronas," or crowns to attach to cells and then replicate
  • The virus replicates itself, which can lead to mistakes in the mutation which can affect many things such as how contagious it is, a different vaccine, how fast it replicates and more.
  • covid-19
  • How does the virus replicate itself? And what does replicating itself do?
  • I took my COVID test today, and they came back negative! What is it exactly they test for though?
  • There are different tests, for example an antibody test. Antibodies are given out from your body when an unknown virus is intruding to be able to stop it. so if you have a COVID antibody, you most likely have COVID.
  • How does the vaccine help us with the virus?
  • Vaccines help train and improve antibodies with proteins, which improve their chance to withstand against the virus to keep you healthy
  • The vaccine creates the same reaction the body would get from a germ, antibodies from the immune system, but with the extra stuff and enhancements in the vaccine, it forces the body to create stronger antibodies that work better against the virus.
  • So if that's what the vaccine does in the body, how does the body react to it?
  • Thanks for teaching me so much today, Sarah!
  • Of course, Jackson, anytime!