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Updated: 7/15/2020
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  • Leaving Berlin
  • Auschwitz (Out-With)
  • Upset's
  • The book starts by introducing young Bruno. He is very upset because his maid is packing all of his things and he doesn't understand.
  • Meeting Schmuel
  • Bruno and his family move to the new house and Bruno is not happy because he doesn't have his friends. He starts to explore.
  • Becoming Close in Friendship
  • In addition to the general Nazi vs. the Jewish conflict, there is also a conflict between Bruno and his parents. They don't fully realize how severe the conflict is (Bruno not liking his new home and lack of friends), but it leads to his escape into the camp.
  • Death and Life without Bruno
  • Bruno goes against his mother's wishes and "explores" beyond the fenced backyard. He meets and befriends Shmuel and he begins to visit him daily. He sneaks food to him as well.
  • Bruno and Shmuel get locked inside the prison. After their relationship
  • Both Bruno and Shmuel are murdered in the gas chamber. This is never discovered by his parents, but it leads both into a world of despair and pain.
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