Wendat people
Updated: 4/10/2021
Wendat people

Storyboard Text

  • Hi my name is Ahtunowhiho. I'm going to show you what i do in my house.
  • These are some of the roles we do. The oldest female is the boss around here and in charge of the daily actives. Women's jobs include taking care of the fields, making clothes out of animals hides, cooking and caring for children.
  • This is inside my house. OH my little is washing dishes
  • Hi kids. I'm going to tell you about the there sisters. The main crops the wendat people grew were Corn, Beans and Squash-commonly known as the there sisters . The strong tall corn stocks gave the beans a place to climb, and the and the large leaves of the squash gave protected the roots of a play and perverted leaves.
  • Hi Granma
  • Hi kids i'm going to tell you about clothing.