Unknown Story
Updated: 2/9/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • The Mbanta thought that Christianity was going to disappear, but it was actually getting stronger over time. They thought that Christians belonged to the evil forest and that the gods would vist them for their sins. One day the converts went to the village and said that the gods were dead and the villagers beat the three converts who made up the lie. They mentioned that if you changed your religion, they would hang you. These were myths and stories told.
  • They tell stories about how everything changed over time with the clan and the Christians. They made new rules so that the villagers could no longer kill the christians. If they did, they would have to flee the clan. Two of them went to church and observed the following that they know to cause a protest.
  • They talk about an osu and how it is a person who dedicates himself to god. A osu could not live with the villagers or marry them. They said how could such a good man be a Christian. He was actually the one who saved the young church. He would order the outcasts to save their heads before admitting them to the church. There was many of whom thought they would die shaving their hair.