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The Great Gatsby Storyboard
Updated: 6/6/2020
The Great Gatsby Storyboard
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  • The Great Gatsby: Chapter 1
  • The Great Gatsby: Chapter 2
  • The Great Gatsby: Chapter 3
  • Nick visits his cousin, Daisy, and her husband, Tom Buchanan for dinner. Daisy is aware of Tom's infidelities as she says, "'Tom's got some woman in New York.'" (Fitzgerald 18). When Daisy found out she was having a girl, she was glad but she wanted her to be a "fool" in this world so she'd be blind to societies cruelty.
  • The Great Gatsby: Chapter 4
  • During dinner, Nick learned about Tom's affair and later on Tom brought Nick to his mistresses apartment. Both Myrtle and Tom's s/o were so clueless of where they've been going and what they've been doing. Tom and Myrtle are attracted to each other because, "she carried her surplus flesh sensuously as some woman can'" and because she "couldn't keep" her eyes off him with his "dress suit and patent leather shoes".
  • The Great Gatsby: Chapter 5/6
  • Nick lives next door to the mysterious man, Jay Gatsby, and all of his parties are said to be extravagant and this is his first time to one of these parties since he had been personally invited. The rumors flowing through the party about Gatsby, one woman said, "'Somebody told me they thought he killed a man once.'" (Fitzgerald 50). The party preparations were as elegant as his parties, the timing, the orders, the dishes being served, and the music.
  • The Great Gatsby: Chapter 7/8
  • Many people came to Gatsby's house in the summer. Gatsby was discussing his life to Nick and he told him about being educated at Oxford and the picture he took there, he always carried as a souvenir. Mr. Wolfshiem spoke highly of Gatsby to Nick because of the way he described him as, "a man of fine breeding". (Fitzgerald 78).
  • Daisy and Gatsby are still in love with each other but because of the time they were separated from each other, both have created their own lives. Gatsby feels anxious on his way to see Daisy after years and the weather created the mood for the day and later it seemed that "its stopped raining". While Daisy drives back towards the city, she runs over Tom's mistress, Myrtle Wilson.
  • Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan have a slight disagreement about Daisy and who she truly loves . "'Your wife doesn't love you,' said Gatsby. "She's never loved you. She loves me.'" (Fitzgerald 139) After Daisy ran over Myrtle, Gatsby took responsibility for her death and Daisy chooses Tom over Gatsby again but since Gatsby took responsibility for Myrtles death, her husband, George shoots him for revenge.
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