Two Kinds

Updated: 9/9/2021
Two Kinds

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  • you are going to study this test until it is perfect!
  • Ever since Jinaj Nei was a little girl, she was forced to do things that she did not want to do.
  • After many try and fail attempts of Jinaj Nei mom trying to find her special talent shemade her do piano lessons at the neighbor's apartment and she paid for it by cleaning his apartment
  • then mom got Jinaj Nei a piano for practicing for her big recital coming up it was older but it would work
  • 30 years later....
  • the day of the recital came and Jinaj Nei was very nervous but then she got her adrenalin and started playing, but she made mistake after mistake and by the end of the song everyone clapped awkwardly. When she looked into the crowd her mom had a straight face.
  • After the recital, there was a very large fight. Jinaj Nei was very frustrated and told her mom that she didn't want to be her daughter. Then, her mom just went blank and walked back to her room.
  • Jinaj Nei came by her moms house. Her mom said that she should take the piano she looked at it and all the memories came flooding back in. She played it and figured out the recital music from thirty years ago was only part of a song there were two parts. Then, her mom told her to take the piano so she did.