Updated: 10/28/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I didn't hear about that? What's that?
  • HI, Did you hear "Yummy Ketchup" ?
  • Oh OK! Why it's so special than others?
  • It's a new ketchup brand called "yummy ketchup" and it's made from organic tomatoes.
  • That's interesting!
  • You can also win a bag of ketchup with $50 coupon.
  • So, it's cheap; I mean it's only for $5 and more than that You have chance to win more than $10,000
  • Oh really that's great. Where Can I find this Ketchup and I can win this money?
  • You can buy this ketchup from any store such as Walmart. There will be code on the upper right of ketchup and then you will put that code on the website called "YUMMY KETCHUP.COM"
  • That's it! Oh one more question- how we will know that we won some cash.
  • So, you will receive a email from "Yummy ketchup@apple.com" if you won.
  • So, what's the other deal?