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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/29/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Britain's Huge Debt
  • We have a huge debt from the 7 year long war, we need to get that money somehow!
  • Britain
  • I got it! We can start imposing taxes on necessities that the American Colonists need and this way we can get back our debt.
  • The Colonist's Angry Protests
  • This is not fair!!
  • Taxation without representation!
  • Remove the taxes!!
  • No, we don't care.
  • The Colonists Revenge for the Taxes
  • TEA
  • TEA
  • TEA
  • TEA
  • For revenge on your taxes, we are throwing out thousands of gallons into the Boston harbor.
  • TEA
  • Yay! Finally revenge!
  • After 7 long years of war, Britain won but this came with a big cost. They owed a huge debt because of the war and were now broke. They first tried to settle it with the colonies by asking them for money but the colonies rejected them so they started imposing taxes on necessities that the colonies needed, including tea, which was very popular at the time.
  • The American Colonists were furious and had had enough of the British's taxes on their necessities. This was mostly because they didn't have any representatives in the Parliament, which left them with no opinions but still charged them with taxes. This made them really angry so they started to protest and yell at the British troops because they wanted fairness.
  • After many protests and furious colonists, they decided to take action and give the British some revenge for all the taxes they had been imposing on them. For their revenge, they sneaked into a British merchant ship that was loaded with tea. In front of thousands of people, they threw all the tea into the ocean. This was the colonists' way of showing they have had enough and they were not going to let this go on.
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