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Ideas used by the founding fathers
Updated: 10/20/2020
Ideas used by the founding fathers
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  • Magna Carta (1215)
  • This cant be happening to be meeeeeeeee!!!!
  • How dear you abuse your powers for that we will e limiting your powers now sighn here
  • Mayflower Compact (1620)
  • I have a idea we should make a compact
  • Well we are where we are supposed to be at.
  • We should put in it that we should self govt.
  • English Bill of Rights (1689)
  • Sign here.
  • Oh ok this is easy we wont have to do anything to be king and queen
  • This will limit you powers and give it to parlement and included is all English men will have fair rights.
  • The nobles are going to the king and telling him that he is abusing his powers and that the nobles will be limiting his powers.
  • Ideas of John Locke
  • All people should have natural rights that they should have at birth and there should natural laws the govt should have to tell us
  • The pilgrims have made it to land but have found them selfs where they wert supposed to be and thought that they should make their own system of self govt.
  • Ideas of Montesquieu
  • If only there was a way to keep the laws that the govt makes fair. Oh wait I got it.
  • The King and queen are going to sign a paper saying that all English men will get fair rights and that some of their power will be taken away and given to parlement.
  • Common Sense by Thomas Paine(1776)
  • I heard it is about how we should stop living with this monarchy and rise up using our "common sense"
  • Pamphlets Pamphlets come get the hit Pamphlet common sense.
  • What is it about?
  • John Locke is thinking about natural rights and laws and also the social contract.
  • Also to make sure the govt can abuse its power there should be a social contract where the govt cant work without the people and the people should have their rights secured in return
  • Montesquieu thinking about how to make a s system that prevents the govt's getting corrupt and so he thought of sperationof power.
  • Legislative, Executive, Judicial
  • Thomas Pains Pamphlet "Common Sense" is getting handed out to the locals but then one of the local ask what is it about.
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