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The "perfect" town
Updated: 5/5/2020
The "perfect" town
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  • Hello Hanks highschool. We are turning this town into a utopia. Today, I will be explaining all the new rules that will take place under the utopia.
  • 1. No citizen is allowed to kill another citizen.2. Everyone has to wear the same clothes, and everyone must feel equal. 3. Everyone will recieve free education.
  • The utopia rules are very different than our old town rules.
  • JoJo that's against the new rules!
  • JoJo you can't wear that!
  • I don't care! I am a free women! I love pink. Utopia laws should not be taking that away from me.
  • You shouldn't have broke the rules! Now you must die.
  • Change us back to the town we were before we tried to be a utopia!!
  • This is not a utopia anymore, it's a dystopia!!!
  • Justice for JoJo Siwa!
  • She just wanted to wear her favorite color!
  • I would like to announce that we will be getting rid of our utopia rules. A town trying to be too perfect wiill get rid of all of peoples creativity. We slowly turned into a dsytopia, and I don't think we would've noticed that without JoJo Siwa. Everyone is worth it. Everyone is unique.
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