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History thing
Updated: 1/24/2020
History thing
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  • Copernicus"The earth is not the center of the World"
  • The Church" Your lying go to jail"
  • Galileo"I agree lets see what the others think"
  • Newton"because that fell on my head i'm creating a term called gravity
  • People should know how this works--what goes up must come down--
  • Robert Boyal"Since I am creating chemistry I will be known as the Father of it"
  • Louis Pasteur "I do science too but mine is more important because I create vaccinations to help people get better
  • I also did science I created the X-ray and dealt with radioactivity
  • The scientific Revolution changes science and thought by making people question what they were taught before also what they are learning is going to be advanced and better information
  • A new idea transforms a society by changing everyone thoughts about something and makes everyone's life easier most of the time
  • It is a continuation of the renaissance because they are advancing many things such as knowledge and other things as the renaissance did
  • The risks of accepting a new idea is that it wont get approved by all and many wont like you sometimes for this new idea
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