Fall of Rome project.
Updated: 6/10/2020
Fall of Rome project.
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  • Political Reasons For Rome's Fall
  • My goodness, these new political leaders are so corrupt and are not concerned with Rome
  • Rome is destined to fall.
  • I agree, and the empire. is so big that there is civil unrest due to poor leadership.
  • Economic Reasons For Rome's Fall
  • I am so hungry, these food shortages are killing me. And with all the inflation I can't afford the food that is available.
  • Rome is destined to fall.
  • I feel the same way, I am getting paid the same but everything is so much more expensive and the drachma is so low in value.
  • Military Reasons For Rome's Fall
  • Ughhh, alll these barbarian attacks are really starting to bother me.
  • Rome is destined to fall.
  • I know, and I don't even want to join the army because there is no honor in it any more.
  • There were a number of reasons for Romes decline and eventual fall, including political ones. These reasons were that Rome was so large that it became difficult to govern properly. This also lead to civil wars and unrest due to poor government and corrupt leaders.
  • Social Reasons For Rome's Fall
  • You know, I no longer feel loyal to Rome. Maybe I should become christian and loyal to the church.
  • *cough cough* I feel the same way. I also think I'm coming down with the same plague as my brother.
  • Among other reasons for its fall, the economic reasons that helped the decline and eventual fall of Rome were some of the most important. There were many wars that Roman leaders couldn't afford so they minted new coins that caused inflation (where prices went up, but value went down). There was also many food shortage, and taxes.
  • Along with the other reasons for Romes fall, there were military reasons. These were the loss of loyalty from the citizens (they didn't join the military) They also had to hire soldiers. Among these reasons Rome was facing centuries of attacks from barbarians.
  • The final set of reasons for Rome's fall was the social ones. These are that Roman citizens were no longer loyal to their government, the christians also had the same deal and were more loyal to the church. There was also a population decline due to food shortages and disease.
  • Rome is destined to fall.
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