Updated: 6/4/2020
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  • Aqueducts
  • I just had a wonderful time in the public baths.
  • Did you know that water comes from aqueducts that start in the mountains?
  • Ughhhh, I am so hungry, the free grain is not as plentiful as it used to be.
  • Free Food
  • I agree, I heard it was because the farmers are tiered of giving away their surplus.
  • Entertainment
  • These gladiator fights sure are fun to watch.
  • I know! It almost makes you forget about how poor and hungry you are.
  • The Romans used aqueducts that brought fresh water from the mountains to supply their public fountains, public baths, and private fountains with water. They carried 200 million gallons of fresh water each day.
  • No Work Being Done.
  • It's so nice that we don't have to work with all these government handouts.
  • The government provided the poorer male citizens in the empire with free food. Although this benefited the starving citizens, it was not good for the farmers that provided the food.
  • Farmers Being Taxed
  • I hate these free government handouts, they are costing me my surplus.
  • The government used to put on huge elaborate shows in the many stadiums and colleseuams to distract the poor and unemployed citizens from their problems. They would have mock sea battles, chariot races, and beast fights in stadiums
  • Farmers Not Working Hard
  • These free grain handouts form the government are dumb! They are costing me my livelihood.
  • Eventually the citizens realized that even if they didn't work for a living they would still get everything they needed from the government. This lead to not enough workers in the Roman empire which was trouble.
  • I totally agree, I can get everything I need for free, so why should I work?
  • In order for the goverment to be able to provide the citizens with free grain handouts they had to tax the farmers food surplus. This caused unrest within the farming community.
  • I feel so bad for you, you are unable to profit off of your hard work.
  • As the governmet taxed the farmers on their surplus grain, they were unable to profit off of their surplus which kept them poor and still working. This lead the farmers to want to not work as hard as working hard and growing extra grain did not benefit them.
  • I agree! We should just not work as hard because it doesn't benefit us at all!
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