Updated: 11/14/2020

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  • Won't you play with us?
  • What a dull show
  • The moon is just a big rock
  • A few decades ago, my friends and I were thoroughly bored to death. We were standing in front of someone’s house hoping they would want to play with us, but they didn’t come out. So, we decided to wander around since we had literally nothing else to do.
  • Restlessness
  • Skeleton suggested to go to a river to swim, but Tree disagreed because she didn't want to get wet . After we argued a little, the three of us decided to go to the theater. Unfortunately, the play was very dull and only made us more bored.
  • Plea from a friend
  • We abandoned the play halfway through and wandered aimlessly. Somehow, we ended up on the moon. At first we were excited to be the first creatures on the moon, but soon we realized that the moon was even more barren and uneventful than the play. 
  • Being scary is... fun!
  • We walked for hours in the dark. Luckily, we stumbled upon a cavern. We thought there might be aliens inside, but it was as empty as everything else on the moon. We just stood there not doing anything, and became very restless.
  • Following the incredibly boring experience on the moon, we returned to Earth. We discussed how to get rid of this boredom until all of a sudden, one of our friends came crying and said that he had been ganged up on by a group of humans.
  • We confronted the humans, but accidentally scared them. For some reason, we felt something we've never felt before, a sense of pleasure and addiction, something that could fill our emptiness. That day was an eye-opener for us. Scaring people was definitely a good way to pass time.