Updated: 12/19/2019
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  • Bars are found in half of the spiral galaxies
  • Most common type of Galaxy
  • Barred Spiral Galaxy
  • The bar in the middle is made up of a bunch of stars
  • Bars are found in most spiral galaxies
  • Categorized into 3 different types
  • It is considered more evolved because as galaxies get older they form a bar
  • The milky way is a spiral galaxy
  • Has spiral "arms" shaping it like a pinwheel
  • Some think that it has a black hole in the center of it
  • Spiral Galaxy
  • Spiral galaxies move in a Circular motion
  • Most common type of galaxy
  • Has a concentration of stars near the center
  • Could be caused by collisions with other galaxies
  • Doesn't have enough gravitational pull to make a spiral galaxy
  • Irregular Galaxy
  • Make up a quarter of all galaxies
  • It has no rotation
  • Full of gas and dust all over
  • Doesn't have a specific shape
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