The Great Migration
Updated: 3/31/2021
The Great Migration

Storyboard Text

  • Between 1815 and 1850, British North America underwent an important demographic change as waves of people began to leave Britain seeking better lives.
  • In Britain, after the napoleonic wars, jobs were hard to keep because they were replaced with machines.
  • Ever since the Napoleonic wars I have been without a job.
  • I cannot believe that we have lost our farm
  • I know
  • In 1840, a famine hit Ireland, causing them to need to move.
  • I'm hungry!
  • Me too!
  • No luck. Food is scarce. I cannot even manage to find so much as a scrap
  • We must leave this place
  • I know, but where to?
  • Unfortunately, the boat ride to BNA was not a pleasure cruise. The conditions on board were so poor, passengers called them “coffin ships.”