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Storyboard Assignment
Updated: 9/14/2020
Storyboard Assignment
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  • Ordinary World & Refusal of the Call
  • all my life I thought I was just a boring college girl in a rural town now I've been having visions about others deaths and I don't want to accept it
  • I've had this reoccurring dream for 2 months now I don't want to find him the person I keep seeing but it must be happening for a reason
  • Call to Adventure
  • (Enzos dialogue):I've got 12 minutes to get to work if everything goes as planned I'll be there in 8.
  • Mentor & Talisman / Crossing the Threshold
  • Please always wear the necklace I gave you it'll protect you whether you believe in it or not. And always remember to talk to it if you need some wisdom or help.
  • Sloane had always lived a "normal" life but little did she know that having visions of how other die was not normal to others.
  • The Shadow, Road of Trials, The Resurrection, and The Ordeal
  • Sloane is once again having the same dream where she hears Axels dialogue. She stirs awake knowing that she needs to finally find him before its too late. Sloane wakes up the following morning and asks her best friend Ryder for a ride near where Enzo gets on the bus daily. In the dream Enzo get ran over by a reckless car whose texting and driving and doesn't realize that Enzo is crossing.
  • The Reward
  • Ryder gave Sloane this special necklace that should only be given to someone super important. The necklace helps you whenever you need it if given to the correct person. Just as expected Enzo is there. She quickly thinks of a plan on to how to distract him but to no avail she couldn't think of anything the only thing she can think of is going first.
  • The Road Back
  • Sloane asks him a ridiculous question which makes him turn his body away from hers. In that moment Sloane runs before him just as expected the car comes... the car made a big sound when it hit Sloane. Enzo was worried and immediately went to her rescue. Moments before she went first she thought about how her road to finally accepting the truth was she faced many night of worries and she felt that she couldn't share it with anyone else.
  • excuse me, could you tell me how to get to handy ridge from here?
  • Next thing Sloane remembers is waking up in a hospital bed with both Ryder and Enzo by her side. Sloane immediately realizes she changed Enzos fate and that both of them made it out alive. She gives the biggest sigh of relief that she didn't know was inside of her. Dumbfounded Enzo believes her because of the sincerity in both her voice and character. He thanks her
  • Are you okay? Did you get hurt?
  • I know this might sound dumb but I saved you... if it hadn't been me it would've been you lying on your deathbed I know it sounds unbelievable but its true.
  • Sloane's story got out about hoe she saved Enzo she was deemed as a hero people thanked her for that, but most importantly Enzo thanked her every single day. She went on to graduate college and Enzo eventually fell in love with her. They lost communication but eventually found eachothe again from their they got married and lived happily ever after.
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