Oil Sands Storyboard
Updated: 2/10/2021
Oil Sands Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Susan is an Operations Manager in a thermal in-situ plant. She is responsible for planning & handling daily activities of plant operations, analyzing production metrics and making recommendations for improvements and solutions to issues that are identified.
  • On a Tuesday morning, Susan arrives at the plant and heads straight for daily the stand-up meeting. While reviewing yesterday’s work ,Susan figured that they were off target with their workflow schedule. She is worried as this is going to escalate their weekly operating cost. Hence, now task for her is to reduce this cost escalation further by optimizing today’s workflow schedule.
  • Daily Stand Up Meeting
  • Production Engineer
  • Steam Generator
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Water Operator
  • She starts digging into the details and figures there is a problem with steam injection volume for yesterday. She requires more details on that and hence calls the steam operator.
  • With the rising pressure from senior management for reducing company’s bottom line, Susan now must come up with most efficient production schedules to optimize operations to meet internal volume, cost and quality goals. However, with the legacy systems in place, she faces lot of difficulties for this task. Let’s see Susan’s typical workday!
  • Finally, after connecting individually with different operators and gathering operational data via emails or phone, Susan comes up with the optimized workflow schedule for the day. However, now she only has second half of the day to follow the same.
  • What if there would have been a solution to address this situation through one single system?
  • Susan heads to her office. . .
  • Ops Flight Simulator
  • Connected Operations and Commercial data
  • Margin Optimization Model
  • Operations/Cost/ Forecasting/SummaryDashboards
  • It take one hour for the Steam operator to send her details after extracting, consolidating and converting information into sharable file format. Meanwhile Susan had to start operations based on her practical experience judgement before coming up with the final schedule.
  • Optimization Engine
  • Data Consolidation & Data Transformation
  • Optimized Target Planning
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Recommended Local Targets for global optima
  • Harmonized Decisions
  • Insights and Forecasts
  • One single solution which has consolidated operational data from different data points, real time view of operational and cost parameters through dashboards, an Integrated model which determines the daily levels for key operational levers that can be controlled to deliver maximum margins ,omni-channel communication for different field operators and office staff.
  • Cost Effective Maintenance Planning