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Updated: 7/28/2020
Unknown Story

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  • (They arrived in the girl’s house)
  • sigh. Better have some rest. Let's talk when everything's okay.
  • Thanks for driving me home babe, I’m so sorry about earlier I think I’m just feeling tired and I can’t think well.
  • (When the boy leaves, the girl enters the house directly and goes straight to her room)(The mother noticed it. So, she came by to check her daughter)Knocks on the door. But its open so she comes in.
  • 'Habibi' (my love) Are you okay? What wrong? please talk to me
  • I understand what you are telling about. I have experienced it before. Don't worry I'll talk to your father. I'll explain to him everything.
  • I don't understand mom "umm"(mother) why is that i feel so guilty whenever im with my boyfriend. I don’t want to marry that guy dad wants me to marry. Why is that I can’t have freedom to choose my lover.
  • 'Hubibi'(darling) Your daughter is having some hard time. We talk earlier and discussed that she doesn’t want to be control who will she marry but instead have a freedom to choose who is she going to spend with for the rest of her life. Please darling listen to our daughter.
  • I’m very sorry 'Hubibi' I didn’t expect this to come at this point. I understand now. I will talk to our daughter and let her have her freedom to live happily.