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Updated: 11/22/2019
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  • Introduction
  • Hello, my name is Amare and I am going to tell you the events of the Civil War.
  • Cause of the War
  • One event that caused the war was "The Missouri Compromise".
  • This event divided the Northern and Southern States along with the dividing of slave and free states.
  • Start of the War
  • The Civil War was important because of how devastating it was and it ended slavery between Northern and Southern states. This war changed the United States forever.
  • Union War Efforts
  • The Union wouldn't use the "Anaconda Plan" by General Winfield Scott, but years later would be used, and would defeat the Confederates
  • The Civil War was mainly fought because of slavery. The look of slavery between the Northern and Southern states were different which caused a fight.
  • Confederacy War Efforts
  • The Confederates would try to beat the Union, but the Union had twice the amount of everything the Confederates had
  • At the start of the Civil War, the Confederates and the South attack Fort Sumter starting the Civil War as the first move.
  • Legacy of the War
  • The legacy of the Civil War left a mark on the United States and made it what it is now.
  • The Union's strategy was to blockade the Confederates Ports and stop them from gaining supplies and force them surrender.
  • The Confederated strategy was to play defense because of the Union's strategy of blockading the ports and Mississippi.
  • The Civil War changed the United States. It effected the South and Louisiana because slavery
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