Rock cycle
Updated: 1/21/2020
Rock cycle
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  • Hi I am Rocky, and this is my life story. Right now I am a metamorphic rock but I have changed many many times.
  • I started off in the volcano. Internal Heating of the earth. The magma surrounding me is heating me up as I start to melt.
  • Here I am an extrusive igneous rock. I don’t have many crystals because I cooled very quickly.
  • As I cool down I turn into Extrusive igneous rock. I roll down the volcano and water sweeps me up.
  • I have broken down into small chunks of rock. I will keep breaking down until I get to become sediments. I break down through weathering and erosion. External heating also lead to me being broken down.
  • Even my glasses have been breaking down.
  • I have gotten so small that all of my friends and other sediments have compacted and cemented on top of me. We mushed together to become a new type of rock. WE are sedimentary!
  • As a sedimentary rock I fell into a magma pit and melted back into the earth. I restarted how i began the story and that is THE END
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