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Updated: 3/28/2021
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Storyboard Description

Owen's project

Storyboard Text

  • Mom and Dad in kitchen
  • They bike off to the mayor's house
  • They meet the Mayor
  • The lights go out in the kitchen and then they realize all power and cell and radio is out, and the cars on the highway have stopped.
  • The REVEAL
  • The cars won't start so they get Owen's bike and ride off to the Mayor's house
  • Injured but non-threatening alien appears
  • They bang on the door and the Mayor bursts out, looking very concerned, he got an emergency alert before everything stopped working.
  • Military man makes arrests
  • The Mayor says that aliens crashed and caused an E.M.P. strong enough to destroy small machine parts.
  • An alien limps out from the back of the house and collapses, muttering gibberish, he seems to gesture for help and does seem threatening.
  • A military man rushes in and arrests everyone, including the alien. He marches them to the police station. Everyone can smell the smoke from the crashed alien ship.Dum-dum-dah!!