Unknown Story
Updated: 2/9/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • DC, IC: Since you wanna get smart with us, we can bring this outside!!!!
  • IC, Fanboy, IC:you guys smell like Cheeto dust and edge control, but me on the other hand i smell like flowers
  • DC, IC : since you guys wanted to come outside, what do you want to do
  • IC: We're gonna talk
  • IC, F IC:What you said to us in there was very mean, nor nice at all
  • IC: OMG why would you slap me?
  • IC : your rude that's why
  • IC, F IC: you deserve another slap, for the way you were talking to us
  • 2.) IC DCwell she did it to me first sinec she wants to only act tough around you
  • Next to the girl in the dress was kay kay and the girl in the dress was lasdashia and they were in the bad girls club and the ginger girl was in the classy girl club they have always had a rivalry
  • 3.)I'll let it go good bye
  • 1.) IC, DC: why did you sap her because now things just got serious
  • Behind kay kay was the bad girls house and right next to it was the classy girl house.Right next to the the classy girl house was the gamer house and they were soooo annoying.
  • Kay kay was in shock considering that ladashia just slapped our rivalary in the face but next to there house there was a bee and she hated bess
  • Then kay kay and ladashia walk away next to each other and leave THE END